2017: blogging and me

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I really wouldn't blame anyone for being more than a little confused as to what is going on with my blog lately. Like many who have been at this a long time, my blog has had its fair few facelifts and name/url changes. And of course there is also the shutting down of my blog to move to tumblr and then back to blogger again... This blog has made quite a journey over the past SIX years to say the least. I've been confused about my online space to absolute clarity to confused all over again.

My recent thoughts have mainly been guided by a wish to minimise my online space. It's safe to say that it's easy to feel overwhelmed with how large your internet presence can grow if you let it. From blogging profiles to personal profiles to professional profiles, I felt consumed by it all. I don't want to be the sort of person who lives life online.

It's also impossible to ignore the changes in the blogging world over the past few years, including how visual it has become with bloggers who have professional looking imagery finding mild fame on the likes of instagram. I, however, decided to turn to freelance article writing for other sites and also running a small online magazine of my own.

However, in 2017 I want to finally drop freelancing. Working online is just not for me anymore. It feels impossible to switch off. It's so easy to wake up at 3am and check your emails because you're worried about your editor not liking your latest admission. Working from home also meant that my employers/clients didn't truly see how much time I spent working which often meant I was over-working for how much I got paid. Not to mention the profession is highly competitive meaning they can always find someone who will do what you do, for less.

I wanted to keep the online magazine I created up and running so I finally just decided on a merger, and Charlotte Harvs X Fashion Fade was created. I can post the sort of things I posted on Fashion Fade Magazine as well as mixing in the odd lifestyle post or outfit photo of my own.

In all fairness, 2016 involved some big changes for me. We moved back to the UK from Mallorca at the start of September, which meant I had to adjust to living with the in-laws whilst we bought our house (which hopefully will all be finalised soon!) And with my plans to drop freelance writing as my career, I have been constantly thinking of a plan regarding which direction I want to go in next. It certainly doesn't help that we are currently living 65 miles away from where we are planning on moving to.

I am looking forward to 2017, and once the ball gets rolling on our new house and we can move in, hopefully this limbo-like period of our life will come to its end.

I realised I never posted any outfit round ups of last year (and actually the second half of 2015 which sounds like forever ago now we're in 2017) so here we go...


August 2015 - December 2015

Loving Lately: Burnt Orange Eyeshadow

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It really is not everyday that I can be bothered to do my makeup, sometimes it's just easier to pretend that my glasses really do cover up the bags under my eyes. However this day was not one of them. I can never pull off doing both my eyes and wearing something on my lips, so I either chose one or the other. For this look I obviously went for eyes and for the main focus my colour of choice was burnt orange. Orange wasn't necessarily the easiest eyeshadow colour to find, but after a little hunt in Boots I found one from Makeup Obsession for just £2. Done deal. It's the shade E101 Burnt. 

Shop The Look: Selena Gomaz

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This has to be one of my favourite outfits by Selena of late. Adore the oversized shearling jacket paired with a graphic tee and skintight trousers. Of course not forgetting the boots, this heeled patent style adds a sleek touch. The jacket has to be my favourite thing about this look though, it looks so cozy and exactly what you'd want to wrap yourself up in on a cold winters day. 

This A/W, it's all about texture

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From my coats to my boots, I am making sure that I have textures down to a tee this autumn/winter. With the high street and online stores brimming with faux fur, suedette and crushed velvet, there really is no excuse not to embrace a little something in your outfit that is soft to the touch. 

White Animal Print Faux Fur Midi Coat £54.99 | Blue Ripped Knee Straight Leg Jeans £24.99 | Pale Grey Ribbed Turtle Neck Cold Shoulder Jumper £24.99 | Navy Velvet Block Heel Ankle Boot £29.99 | Black Chain Satchel Bag £22.99

This white animal print faux fur coat is simply amazing and I'd pair it with blue denim and grey knitwear. This season I am loving straight leg jeans and I find that they really flatter the hips and balances out curves. For knitwear I opted for a ribbed fitted jumper with a turtleneck. I am very much into the turtleneck look at the moment! To finish off the outfit I've chosen a pair of velvet ankle boots in navy, which will add extra texture to the outfit, and finally a black satchel style bag with the popular gold ring detailing.

Khaki Suedette Borg Lined Biker Jacket £49.99 | Black Embroidered Chain Shoulder Bag £24.99 | Black Suit Slim Leg Trousers £24.99 |  Black Choker Neck Knitted Jumper £22.99| Brown Suedette Leopard Print Metal Trim Ankle Boots £29.99

For this look I've gone crazy for suede. This khaki suedette biker jacket is lined with faux fur and I am in love with it. I would pair it with an all black outfit and then add some leopard print boots. Again I've opted for cut out detailing in the jumper which adds something different to the look and hints at the popular choker trend. These trousers look super flattering and I adore the cropped style at the moment, and they will instantly make your outfit feel more chic. 

Outfit Diary | Sleeveless Moto Jacket

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Missguided Lust List

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Missguided never fails when it comes to styling their models effortlessly cool. I am seriously lusting over so much but I've managed to narrow it down to just a few! Shop the following looks at the end of the post!

Outfit Diary | Leopard Print Kimino

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25% Off Cosy Layers For Autumn

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I'm sure you love a good sale just as much as I do! And if your wardrobe is calling out for some new layering pieces perfect for Autumn, then this sale was just made for you!

ASOS Jumper With Cable Stitch And High Neck was £35, now £26

Shop the rest of the look:

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