Affordable Homeware Haul - Copper & Scandi Style

Scandi Nest of 2 Tables £49 (20% off for new customers)

I'm not even sure if I know how to blog anymore... so I thought I'd go back to the beginning and post a list of things I've been buying lately. And of course it's homeware related being that we moved into our first owned home this year. 

First up are the lamp and pendant shade. I bought these for our bedroom and I really rate them. I am really into copper and love the interesting geometric design. I hope that this is a look that will age well and not feel outdated in a couple of years. 

Next up is the nest of tables. I bought these for our living room, or should I say snug because it is on the small side. With our first home, we decided to prioritise on a large kitchen as this was something we could remodel and add value to the house. Anyway, back to these scandi tables, we use them as our coffee table. We wanted something slim and small so they could be move around easily and not take up too much space. They look great together and make up the size of a normal coffee table but can be separated if we need to make more room. 

Then we have this little faux fur stool. I love this and hunted around for one that wasn't overly expensive. However, I've seen some DIY's on pinterest which work out cheaper but ah well, I am thinking of doing the DIY version as well but in chair form not stool. I originally bought this to go with our little desk however I have since moved it into the hallway next to our hallway table. 

Lastly, the copper wire basket. I bought this to house a couple of blankets in the living room. It's probably a completely unnecessary purchase however it does tidy things up a bit! I like to try and keep my home quite tidy as I find clutter can be quite stressful.   

So there we have it, just a handful of the things I've been buying for the house recently. I'll be sure to add some before and after pictures once rooms have been completed. The kitchen has been completely remodelled however we still need the walls re-plastered and painted. The living room/bedroom also needs an extra coat of paint in certain areas and a couple other things doing. But it's getting there, bit by bit! 

Also one last thing, I'm slightly addicted to this American program called "Buying and Selling" on ITVbe. It's about these two brothers who take people's crappy houses that they are trying to sell and make them look pinterest amazing in order to sell them for top dolla whilst finding them the next house for them to buy. Like the transformations of the houses is just amazing. If you're into property programs then this has to be the most stylish, pinterest esque one I've seen. 

Charlotte xx

Life Lately

A little catch up...

As I'm sure many of you know, this time last year we were living in Mallorca, Spain and we made the decision that we'd come to the point where we wanted to put down some roots. We considered staying and buying in Mallorca but even though there are lots of amazing pros for living in Mallorca we decided we'd got everything we wanted from our almost four year stint of being an expat. And besides, we're totally planning on moving to Spain again after we have children and they are all grown (if Brexit allows this ha)

So after Tom found a job through a university friend, we decided to start the next stage of our life in a whole new city, Leeds. Well when I say Leeds I mean a town south of Leeds and north of Wakefield. I've never really fancied city living, rather somewhere close enough to go in and out of the city as I please. So it's been 7 months since we moved back from Spain and it's been almost 6 weeks since we moved into our new home.

To the present day...

This is our first owned home and we've dived straight in with the renovations. First job was a completely new kitchen which is all done apart from the walls. I'm midway through painting the front room and our main bedroom but there is still a whole load of painting to be done. So I guess that is my excuse at the moment for my lack of blogging. Whenever I feel productive in my spare time, I've been getting round to doing something to the house. Midway through decorating you start to think you wish you'd paid extra for a brand new build rather than something that is a bit of a project! However, I'm glad we went for an old build (about 100 years old..) because we are adding value so are likely to get a better return when/if we sell and the 'after' is so worth it. I'm sure pictures will come as soon as any of the rooms are completed.

However it's not just all the DIY, you have to have a bit of an adjustment period when it comes to a big move. From getting used to a new place to finding a new routine to taking the steps towards finding new work (I've mentioned previously that I want to move away from freelance writing now I'm back in England.) So I've been trying to give myself a break to avoid piling too much on my plate straight away. Big life changes can be stressful enough without loading your shoulders up with a tonne of pressure.

Reflecting on this year so far... 

2017 is half way through and what a year it's been so far. From my granfer's funeral and my nan falling ill shortly after, to her path to recovery and the safe arrival of our nephew. From buying our first home and moving to a new city, to seeing more of old friends and feeling in closer proximity to family. From the hundreds of children rescued from underage human trafficking (over 1500 arrests have been made this year in America so far compared to the average of 400-500 per year  - thanks Ashton Kutcher), to the many children who have tragically lost their lives due to terrorist acts all over the world. From suffering to joy, from new to old. Life in its entirity.

“There is a LIGHT in this world. A healing spirit more powerful than any darkness we may encounter. We sometime lose sight of this force when there is suffering, and too much pain. Then suddenly, the spirit will emerge through the lives of ordinary people who hear a call and answer in extraordinary ways.” Richard Attenborough

Charlotte xx

Trend Revival: Striped Trousers

Images via fashionmenowthekoreanbarber, IMAXTREE & @racquelnatasha

Images via gotceleb, @andicsinger, pinterest ( cannot find source for the life of me ) & dulceida

Photos via thefashionspot, fashionone, collagevintage & glamasia

I recently bought myself a pair of striped trousers and I'm already debating buying another pair. The final image here is from March 2014 but I decided to republish it with a few more recent looks added to the mix. A lot of trends do tend to fluctuate in and out of fashion and I feel like this trend is still going strong. Perhaps that's down to the statement this particular style of trouser makes which means that the trend is not overdone, thus allowing it to continue on through the recent years. Also it seems to please multiple styles, from minimal monochrome to bold print clashing.

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8 Ways To Wear White Jeans In Spring

Ways To Wear White Jeans Outfits Street Style
Images via insearchofsadie, photobloggerstyle, fabsugar & thelittlemagpie

Ways To Wear White Jeans Outfits StreetStyle
Images via fabsugar, pandorasykes x2 & tumblr (sorry I couldn't find a better source)

When the weather is unpredictable, I tend to turn to a good pair of jeans a hell of a lot. Last year I got rid of a pair of white jeans that never fit me right and after seeing these looks again, it's making me want to hunt down a new pair. I love them paired with black boots and a black belt, I think the contrast works really well. Also loving them paired with the silver boots a lot. You can see hear that the white jeans can be styled for a/w as well as s/s making them a really versatile piece.

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Outfit Diary | Recent Mirror Shots


We're weeks away from getting the keys to our new home and when I do you can bet the mirror will be in a place with a good lighting situation. Priorities! haha, anyway for now my posts might look like something from blogging circa 2012... but life goes on. Our new house is going to be a bit of a project. We're putting in a new kitchen and bathroom and we have to strip all this textured wallpaper off the walls and maybe plaster them. Then of course there is all the painting. However hopefully it will be a good investment and we will see some profit when we sell. And despite all the work, we will also get to make our home exactly how we want it. Although the idea of moving into a new build that was already done up was tempting... I am just looking forward to the part where I get to choose cool pillows and other homeware. Our new house is in the Leeds area, so a brand new city for the both of us. Tom already works there and currently has an 1:30 hour commute either way which will be cut down to 15 minutes when we move. Anyway, exciting times a head, just have to be patient in the mean time.


I turned 26 yesterday 🎈🎈🎈 and I went for my first smear test last Tuesday whilst I still had a few days of being 25 left. Going to the doctors gives me bad anxiety but the relief after I got it done was worth it! It really wasn't as uncomfortable as I thought it would be. I just closed my eyes and it was over so quick. I have now returned to volunteering twice a week. When I first started volunteering, I had a whole load of anxiety about answering phone calls, going in for the informal interview, about meeting new people and worrying if I was going to make mistakes - but now once I'm there it's always fine. I had took some time off to visit my hometown for Christmas but it ended up being a longer break than that because my Granfer passed away on Xmas eve, he was the head of our family and my Nan is a little lost without him. She also caught a nasty flu right before his funeral and she thought she wouldn't be strong enough to attend, however my family were urging her to go and she pulled through like the trooper she is. My Granfer was a stubborn and headstrong man but he loved his family very much and worked hard his whole life. Unfortunately dementia made his last few years on this earth pretty tough for him, but as he counted with awe the amount of people around his hospital bed, we are sure that he knew how loved he was.

Next jumper (old), Primark jeans (new) & Primark shoes (old)

I've spent the last two weekends in Leeds and I'm heading to York this weekend, busy busy, so of course the introvert in me has to take it easy the days after. I'm starting to get around to getting more stuff done again now. I've been trying to write more, well clearly not on this blog - however I was on quite a roll with it all but now it's slowed down again... We're still waiting on paperwork to come through regarding our new house in Leeds, bloody takes ages this buying a house stuff. Feels like I've been patient for months and now my patience is running out. Just ready to move in now and end this in between - limbo stage. I just can't wait to start making a home again, it's been almost 6 months now since we moved back to UK.

I remember a time I would never ever wear jeans, as in my opinion they were so uncreative, so basic. However now jeans are often the first thing I reach for in the morning. Gone are the times where I would drift off to sleep planning outfits sans jeans. Since moving back to the UK, jeans have helped me deal with the UK climate again and you can't not agree that jeans have certainly got a bit more interesting in the past few years. I love the cropped style with the raw cuff, pictured left. In the outfit on the right I have actuality switched out jeans for leggings, but again this was another last minute outfit. I seem to have lost this ability to actually plan an outfit, probably the reason I'm not blogging as regularly anymore. But we'll see...

Charlotte xx

Wearing The Trend: Floral Embroidery

Images via hellofashionblogbillieroseblog

Images via fashionslave, thefashionfraction

Images via moxiefashionblog, emily_luciano

Images via pagesbymegan, fashionmenow

Totally loving the floral embroidery trend that has been appearing in blogs for the past few months. It's also pretty popular in the shops right now, so I reckon this trend is only going to grow over Spring time. I feel like this has to be my favourite form of floral because there tends to be either a boho or gothic edge to the pieces. I have even dabbled in this trend myself by purchasing an embroidered faux fur coat that I featured in a recent post (here). There is almost too much choice of embroidered pieces in the shops at the moment, and for really low prices to boot, I've featured a few picks below. Enjoy!

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A Few Current Season Faves

Currently 20% off everythaaaang with the code 'HAPPY' so if you like something, don't wait around! 

2017: blogging and me

I realised I never posted any outfit round ups of last year (and actually the second half of 2015 which sounds like forever ago now we're in 2017) so here we go...


August 2015 - December 2015

I really wouldn't blame anyone for being more than a little confused as to what is going on with my blog lately. Like many who have been at this a long time, my blog has had its fair few facelifts and name/url changes. And of course there is also the shutting down of my blog to move to tumblr and then back to blogger again... This blog has made quite a journey over the past SIX years to say the least. I've been confused about my online space to absolute clarity to confused all over again.

My recent thoughts have mainly been guided by a wish to minimise my online space. It's safe to say that it's easy to feel overwhelmed with how large your internet presence can grow if you let it. From blogging profiles to personal profiles to professional profiles, I felt consumed by it all. I don't want to be the sort of person who lives life online.

It's also impossible to ignore the changes in the blogging world over the past few years, including how visual it has become with bloggers who have professional looking imagery finding mild fame on the likes of instagram. I, however, decided to turn to freelance article writing for other sites and also running a small online magazine of my own.

However, in 2017 I want to finally drop freelancing. Working online is just not for me anymore. It feels impossible to switch off. It's so easy to wake up at 3am and check your emails because you're worried about your editor not liking your latest admission. Working from home also meant that my employers/clients didn't truly see how much time I spent working which often meant I was over-working for how much I got paid. Not to mention the profession is highly competitive meaning they can always find someone who will do what you do, for less.

I wanted to keep the online magazine I created up and running so I finally just decided on a merger, and Charlotte Harvs X Fashion Fade was created. I can post the sort of things I posted on Fashion Fade Magazine as well as mixing in the odd lifestyle post or outfit photo of my own.

In all fairness, 2016 involved some big changes for me. We moved back to the UK from Mallorca at the start of September, which meant I had to adjust to living with the in-laws whilst we bought our house (which hopefully will all be finalised soon!) And with my plans to drop freelance writing as my career, I have been constantly thinking of a plan regarding which direction I want to go in next. It certainly doesn't help that we are currently living 65 miles away from where we are planning on moving to.

I am looking forward to 2017, and once the ball gets rolling on our new house and we can move in, hopefully this limbo-like period of our life will come to its end.

Charlotte xx


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