Outfit Diary | Khaki Oversized Jumper Dress

Promo 60% off: £71 £28

£30 £9.50

Jumper dress to hide food baby, check. Denim that expands to hold food baby, check. Boots to distract from food baby, check.

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The Top Street Style Trends from Fashion Month September 2018

The most wonderful time of the year for fashion people has come and gone. September was the month of fashion with designers showcasing their latest creations from New York, London, Milan and Paris. The bloggers, editors, and it girls flaunted their best looks in between the shows. The street is one of the best places we can get some fashion inspiration so let’s read on to see what were the top street style trends from fashion month.

Images via Popsugar & refinery29

Pink, Red and yellow
These typically are colours a lot of people stay away from because ‘it’s not their colour’ but they were constantly seen on street style stars everywhere. Rocking bolder shades from head to toe or in small doses say in form of an accessory like a handbag are the way to go when rocking these colours.

Bold Sleeves

Bold sleeves have been a huge trend this year and there was no sign of it stopping during fashion week. There were ruffle sleeves, puffy sleeves, and oversized. If you want to make a statement with little effort, this is the way to go!

Plaid Blazers

One of the hottest trends for fall and big on the street is the plaid blazer. Power dressing is coming back and ladies are making a statement in structured menswear inspired looks. This is a perfect trend to experiment with your work look.

The Pointed Ankle Boot

The ankle boot is always a staple come fall, but this season we saw a lot more pointed toes in slick patent leather, suede, and sock boot textures, from sleek black, bold red, to bold white. White ankle boots were huge!

Fanny Packs

Once a fashion faux pas, fanny packs are now a fashion must have especially for the fashion week crowd. With good reason too, fanny packs are convenient with their hands free feature and are an easy way to add a pop of colour or texture to your look.

Midi Skirts

Midi skirts were everywhere this fashion week. Nothing screams classy and demure quite like this skirt length.

Polka dots

A huge trendy print from summer has travelled to the fall with fashionistas wearing these prints in flowy tops and dresses. This quirky print was also featured on skirts and jumpsuits as well.
About the author: Zoe Phinazee is a Street Style Blogger at Zoevogue.com. Besides fashion and blogging, she enjoys doll crafts, Marvel films, and mac 'n' cheese!

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Updated | Street Style: Anja Rubik

Anja Rubik is a polish model who has been featured on the covers of various magazines, including French, Korean, Latin American, Japanese, Spanish, Australian, and German Vogue, Korean and French Numéro, Nylon and Elle. She has modelled and done haute couture for many different and popular designers/brands. Today, however, we are exploring her personal style.

What do you think of Anja's style? Would you wear any of these looks?
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Transitioning from Summer to Fall with Bold Prints

Images via
styledumondevoguecollagevintagecollagevintagemissguided, Girlterest

Here are a few outfits that I really love, all featuring an awesome printed piece (or two). I am very much in a style rut at the moment so I thought a bit of inspiration might help! I'm off to Leeds Festival tomorrow and I'm looking forward to planning an outfit around some bold prints. I've had a migraine past couple days but it's eased off today so hopefully it will be gone by tomorrow!

Charlotte xx
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Outfit Diary: All Black Look + Stripe Blazer

asos sunglasses / fashion union blazer / zara tshirt / asos trousers / primark shoes

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Charlotte xx
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Affordable Homeware Haul - Copper & Scandi Style

Scandi Nest of 2 Tables £49 (20% off for new customers)

I'm not even sure if I know how to blog anymore... so I thought I'd go back to the beginning and post a list of things I've been buying lately. And of course it's homeware related being that we moved into our first owned home this year. 

First up are the lamp and pendant shade. I bought these for our bedroom and I really rate them. I am really into copper and love the interesting geometric design. I hope that this is a look that will age well and not feel outdated in a couple of years. 

Next up is the nest of tables. I bought these for our living room, or should I say snug because it is on the small side. With our first home, we decided to prioritise on a large kitchen as this was something we could remodel and add value to the house. Anyway, back to these scandi tables, we use them as our coffee table. We wanted something slim and small so they could be move around easily and not take up too much space. They look great together and make up the size of a normal coffee table but can be separated if we need to make more room. 

Then we have this little faux fur stool. I love this and hunted around for one that wasn't overly expensive. However, I've seen some DIY's on pinterest which work out cheaper but ah well, I am thinking of doing the DIY version as well but in chair form not stool. I originally bought this to go with our little desk however I have since moved it into the hallway next to our hallway table. 

Lastly, the copper wire basket. I bought this to house a couple of blankets in the living room. It's probably a completely unnecessary purchase however it does tidy things up a bit! I like to try and keep my home quite tidy as I find clutter can be quite stressful.   

So there we have it, just a handful of the things I've been buying for the house recently. I'll be sure to add some before and after pictures once rooms have been completed. The kitchen has been completely remodelled however we still need the walls re-plastered and painted. The living room/bedroom also needs an extra coat of paint in certain areas and a couple other things doing. But it's getting there, bit by bit! 

Also one last thing, I'm slightly addicted to this American program called "Buying and Selling" on ITVbe. It's about these two brothers who take people's crappy houses that they are trying to sell and make them look pinterest amazing in order to sell them for top dolla whilst finding them the next house for them to buy. Like the transformations of the houses is just amazing. If you're into property programs then this has to be the most stylish, pinterest esque one I've seen. 

Charlotte xx
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Trend Revival: Striped Trousers

Images via 
fashionmenowthekoreanbarberIMAXTREE & @racquelnatasha
gotceleb@andicsingerpinterest ( cannot find source for the life of me ) & dulceida
thefashionspot, fashionone, collagevintage & glamasia

I recently bought myself a pair of striped trousers and I'm already debating buying another pair. The final image here is from March 2014 but I decided to republish it with a few more recent looks added to the mix. A lot of trends do tend to fluctuate in and out of fashion and I feel like this trend is still going strong. Perhaps that's down to the statement this particular style of trouser makes which means that the trend is not overdone, thus allowing it to continue on through the recent years. Also it seems to please multiple styles, from minimal monochrome to bold print clashing.

Charlotte xx

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8 Ways To Wear White Jeans In Spring

Ways To Wear White Jeans Outfits Street Style
Ways To Wear White Jeans Outfits StreetStyle
Images via
insearchofsadiephotobloggerstylefabsugar & thelittlemagpie
fabsugar, pandorasykes x2 & tumblr (sorry I couldn't find a better source)

When the weather is unpredictable, I tend to turn to a good pair of jeans a hell of a lot. Last year I got rid of a pair of white jeans that never fit me right and after seeing these looks again, it's making me want to hunt down a new pair. I love them paired with black boots and a black belt, I think the contrast works really well. Also loving them paired with the silver boots a lot. You can see hear that the white jeans can be styled for a/w as well as s/s making them a really versatile piece.

Charlotte xx

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