Hair Trend: The Lob

A big trend in hair at the moment is the long bob. The lob is not long nor short, but a blunt cut that grazes the shoulders. We love this cut as it's flattering, feminine and easy to maintain. Whether you add soft layers around your face or stick to a centre parting, this haircut looks great no matter how you style it!

What do you think of the "lob"? What are your favourite hair trends at the moment?

Images via Getty Images


  1. Riley Bennett12:01 pm

    Wow I didn't know I was on trend... haha I've had this haircut for years, needless to say I don't look as good as Jennifer Lawrence though!

  2. This is an out of date photo of Jen now... hehe <3 I love her

  3. Lob - long bob - I like it.



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