Need some make-up inspiration ladies?

Ladies... We all have times where we lack inspiration for something. Whether it be work, going to the gym, decorating the apartment or for what to put on your face and where to put it. Yes, we are talking about when we lack inspiration for our make-up, as you take that last sip of your morning coffee to discover you have no idea what kind of look you want for your face that day. 
So what to do in a disaster like this? Well, of course, just about how we handle any disaster now a days... google it. We always type in our favourite celebrities, current trends and what not to gather inspiration! We suggest making a mood board, full to the brim with your favourite seasonal trends, female celebs or even eyeshadow looks that you found on YouTube that you loved! 
So when that dreaded uncreative sip of your coffee comes along you can take it right back to the board!

Unsure on where to start?

We have a suggestion of some celebrities that may be able to help you out.
Kylie Jenner - Check out Kylie's instagram, full of selfies which are packed with make-up ideas, the girl sure knows how to handle her mascara!
Rihanna - We suggest searching on google 'Rihanna magazine photoshoot', especially if you want something really creative. All the looks are so different and unique, so there is bound to be something for everyone!
Eva Longoria - Eva is a goddess when it comes down to the basics such as a smokey eye and a bit of nude lipstick, just for when you need that little boost! 

Let us know in the comments how you inspire yourself when it comes down to make-up? Perhaps it's a blogger or youtuber? Send us their links in the comments!

Written by our beauty columnist, Soph -
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