We're bringing beauty back!

Who said make-up isn’t fashion? There is nothing more fashionable than a bold red lip and smokey lids. Today on Fashion Fade we are going to be showing you how to make your face as fashionable as your wardrobe!

I’ll start you off with some classic make-up staples that you need on your beauty desk!

Hoola by Benefit – When you open up your monthly glossy mag and those striking jaw bones and cheek bones just seem to pop out of the magazine in a 3D-like manor because the models jaw is just so jaw-droppingly gorgeous. Just grab Benefits Hoola of the shelf (pay of course) but quickly, take it home and put it in your stash because, with a little practice, your jaw will be popping very soon!

Urban Decay The Naked Palette (Quick save 10% here!) – An eye-shadow palette filled to the brim with cool and warm browns is all you need to create that perfect smokey eye, with perhaps the help of a blending brush or two…

Baby Doll Mascara by YSL (Quick save 10% here!) – Mascara, where would we be with out you? For those days when you do your make-up look in the mirror and feel awful about it. Then like magic you put on mascara and it all pieces together and you have to do a double take as you’ve mistaken yourself for Angelina Jolie. Don’t worry ladies, we all do it!

Having the products or a collection of products is all well and good but how do you know where to put what shade, how to ombre your lips or get that perfect contour? We have searched the web, our rooms and anything we can find for you to give you the best inspiration we can!

Magazines – Magazines are always a good start, I like to collect them and make make-up mood boards. That way when I’m stuck for what look to go with I can just open up my little make-up scrapbook and pick one!

Apps – Apps are also a big thing now for us make-up lovers. From the Bobbi Browns app (our favourite) to a wide range of others. Simply type in ‘make-up’ on the appstore and we can assure you, you will find inspiration in no time!

If you have any favourite products or places to gather up inspiration let us know in the comments!
Written by Soph, www.vavaviolet.com


  1. Lovely blog and beautiful pictures, I would love to hear more about what apps you would recommend. But I love your blog and your writing style is so readable love it. Please check mine out too, I would love to hear what you think.


    1. Yes id love to know what apps too!!

  2. Magazines are amazing. They're like a little time capsule of what's trending in fashion, style, music, & current events. :] // itsCarmen.com ☼



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