It's Okay... not go out every weekend
Being alone is not only good for us, it's important! Being alone doesn't necessarily mean you're lonely. Being alone gives you time to find out who you are and do the things you enjoy. As social creatures we are constantly influenced by the people around us, so if you never take time to be alone, how will you be able to distinguish who your true self is? watch too many films/series
Watching films and series is the 21st century way of reading. Yes we know its not the same thing, and personally we are avid believers in the books beating the films 99% of the time. However, books and films do have a lot in common. They both allow you to walk in someone else's shoes, which will help you develop empathy and compassion for others. They allow you to gain perspective on what it is like for people in different social dynamics, situations and countries. They both also increase cognitive thinking and brain activity, especially those films that leave you thinking! feel sad sometimes
Even if on paper your life seems pretty perfect, it's still okay to feel sad sometimes. You shouldn't feel guilty that you feel sad either just because there are people who are in worse situations to you. We have the right to feel down, and the right to want to improve our lives. But this doesn't mean you should be negative about the situation. Try to embrace your sadness in a positive light, and understand that it is natural for you to feel this way as it just means that you are striving to improve yourself. If work gets you down or maybe it's your friends (or lack of), embrace your sadness and don't wallow in it. Use it to help motivate you to make things better. Write down exactly why you feel this way and the things you can do to improve your situation. Surround yourself with positive people and focus your attention on the solution not the problem!

Of course if you have persistent sadness with little understanding as to why you feel this way, do talk about it with an expert. feel like you don't know what you're doing or where you're going 
The fact that we don't know what the future may hold should be exciting not daunting! J.K Rowling went from single mother on benefits to a well-reclaimed author in just three years. She didn't plan it or expect it, she focused on what she wanted to do in the present and focused her energy there, in the present, not in the unpredictable future! Take routes you're uncertain of and maybe make a few mistakes, because it's never too late to pick yourself up and turn your whole life around if things go wrong! not be doing what other people think you "should" be doing
It's important to trust yourself, just because you're not living your life the way the majority do, doesn't mean it's necessarily the wrong way to do it! For example, everyone thinks it's normal to go out and get a job.. well read these 10 Reasons You Should Never Get a Job and you might see how many benefits there are to going against the norm!

( A Must Read: How You Should Live Your Life ) self-indulge
We love fashion and makeup and changing our hair, and so what! As long as this isn't all our life is then who is anyone to judge us! It's our hobby and passion so we are allowed to own too many lipsticks or more shoes than we actually need. This doesn't make us selfish or shallow, as it's not all we are, and we're sure it's not all you are either. Many of us are feminists, animal rights activists, fighting against global warming and supporters of so many other good causes. We didn't all take the #nomakeupselfie to get attention and compliments, no many of us actually wanted to contribute to a good cause (see this viewpoint on mixing vanity and charity in the nomakeupselfie trend for example!). Also, take Emma Watson, she's a beautiful stylish actress who likes to wear lipstick and pretty dresses on the red carpet, but she's also, and most importantly, an amazing and inspirational person who is politically involved with very important movements such as the #HeForShe campaign. (We urge you to watch her powerful speech here if you haven't already.) 

How much do you agree with us? If not, how come?

Please note this is all just our opinion drawn from personal experience and the views in this post may vary from person to person, never be too heavily influenced by what you read and always seek professional help upon making a decision that has a dramatic impact on your life or health. 


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