Want Lips like Kylie Jenner?

Let's take a break from starring at Kim's ass and go back to Kylie Jenner's lips. This year they have been pretty much all the beauty world has been talking about. Are they real, fake, that big, what's the deal?

Have you even pondered about getting lip injections? (My mind even went down that road). Well push that needle away from your lips because I have taken out the best science experiment of all time and found you ladies the perfect Kylie Jenner dupes! 

It's been rumoured that Kylie wears a mix of Velvet Teddy and Soar/Whirl lip liner by MAC, so of course my obsession involved me purchasing all three. I must say on my lips personally Soar lip liner is a much better dupe. The pigment is crazy, and with it I can honestly mimic Kylie's lips. If you're going to buy anything that I recommend to you it would 100% have to be Soar! 

Sometimes depending on the weather Soar tends to dry my lips out a tad, yet applying vaseline ruins that beautiful matt Kylie has. So I've been using Velvet Teddy as a kind of, lets say expensive vaseline.

Don't fancy paying £15? Try out Maybellines Colour Drama lip liners, these chunky bad boys are amazing for pigment, staying power and looking cute in your make-up collection. At only £4.99, they're just as good and the shade 'Nude Perfection' is the ultimate dupe. 

Or do you like Kylie's lips but lack the confidence to go for such a dark browny shade? Nars lip pencil in the shade 'Fantasia' is literally the perfect nude. Perfect for over-drawing your lips without looking like you have done. 

Here at Fashion Fade beauty department we have our very best interests in what you want to see! Have a celebrity make-up style you want to know how to do or copy? Leave us a comment and we will get right on top of it or email me at vavaviolett@outlook.com
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  1. I'm really loving the nude lip look! I'd love to try the Velvet Teddy/Soar combo, but seeing as it's Christmas coming up, I'll take a peep into the Maybelline lip liner!


  2. Need to try some of these out!! Thanks!! Lilly xx http://alittlelilly.blogspot.nl/

  3. Ahh I need to get some of these products and try to re-create the Kylie lip! Thanks for this :)


  4. Loooooove this shade!! a 'your lips but better' look xx


  5. I love the products you've chosen here, I need to at least get the Maybelline pencil - the 2 MAC ones have been on my wish list for a while now! xx

    Jasmine // Magpie Jasmine

  6. I'm really loving this look, I use mac's whirl lipliner and then velvet teddy lipstick but i also have to layer on the old vaseline because otherwise my lips look like two prunes...not attractive x x x


  7. I need these! Seems like they will make the perfect lip colour x

    Skin & Roses

  8. I just got the Maybelline Nude Perfection the other day and its already working its way up to be one of my A/W faves!


  9. Thanks for this post! I just went and purchased the Maybelline dupe and its AMAZING! I put it on as soon as i got out of the shop and its already a fave!



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