Get your blog organised this year!

For all the bloggers out there, today's feature is all about how to organise your blog in 2015. From your blog theme, to your computer files, notebooks and more. We're going to help you get your blogging butt in gear!

Those notebooks sitting on your bookshelf looking pretty, pull them off, open them up and get listing! We find the best way to come up with blog posts is to carry around a notebook. There may be something in a shop that pulls at your creative wings and inspires a blog post, quickly write it down so you don't forget!

Next, come up with a weekly plan!

For my personal beauty blog, I created a weekly plan so my readers know what days to come back to my blog, for posts that they will enjoy. Place your plan somewhere easy to see and read on your blog, we recommend placing it in your banner or sidebar! It not only allows your readers to know when to view your blog but also helps you plan out blog posts in advance, so you know next Monday you need to have a beauty review ready to go up!

Also, it really helps to have clear links to your social medias which will allow your readers to engage with you on a more personal level. We personally want to stalk you if we love your blog and follow you on possibly everything we can! So make sure you have some clear buttons that go straight to your other sites somewhere on your blog!

If you would like to see some more 'blogging tips' posts, then leave us a comment with some suggestions on what kind of advice you need and we will get right on it!
This article was written by Soph from Follow Soph's personal beauty, fashion and lifestyle blog to keep up with what she's up too!


  1. great post
    id like to know what's the best way to grow your blog's readership?

  2. These are great ideas! I really want to improve my blogging this year, I even made some blogging resolutions on my blog! :) Thanks for the tips!
    -Olivia xxx

  3. I've got myself a notebook and diary for this year of blogging to keep me on track and motivated
    Reinventing Neesha ♥



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