Leave your face alone!

Think twice the next time you pull a 'I'm too tired to wash my face' stunt, it does a lot more harm than you may realise! Even your daily eye make-up routine could be leading to an infection!

1. Wash your face every single night, no matter how tired you are! Think twice before jumping in bed before tackling your face, you're leaving dirt and oils to have a party in your pores. Leading to acne, tired looking skin and refined wrinkles. Bet you're going to think twice now...

2. Pick, pick, pick. That yellow head smiling at you first thing in the morning, leave it. By picking it you are causing irritation to the skin which will only end up leaving you with deep acne scars!

3. Extend your skincare routine down to your neck and chest. These areas age the quickest and need just as much TLC as anywhere else on your body!

4. Curling your lashes. Our biggest tip is to do it before you apply mascara, why? Because when they're wet and coated you are more likely to damage them by pulling lashes out.

5. When removing your eye make-up gently press down with your cotton bud, so that your make-up remover can soak into your skin, saving your poor little eyes from harshly rubbing them!

If you crave more tips, just let us know and we will happily publish more! 

What are your best beauty tips and hacks?
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  1. Rebecca ReedsJanuary 23, 2015

    I'd love to know the best tips you have for looking good without makeup!



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