The Latest Winter Fashion Trends

During the winter, many people struggle due to the cold, but some people rejoice because the start of the new winter season means that new clothes and trends are bound to come out! Doesn't it make you feel great when your wardrobe is full of new clothes? Now, what can we expect to see in women’s fashion, this year?


  • Loose Knits

We will be expecting to see oversized, loose knit tops this season. There will be a large variety of this style of top which includes styles that are hooded, long, short, loose and also fitted. These tops will suit many different styles of outfits such as skirts, skinny jeans etc. They will all look great together!

They come in large variety of materials, from the finest wool to the ever luxurious cashmere. These tops come in many colours. However, one should prefer the neutral colours this season.

One thing to always keep in mind is that the larger the knit, the more airy the top. Therefore in winter it is important to layer a loose knit top with warm clothing. When layering, make sure that anything worn under the loose knit is well fitted or it will look bulky and this will give an onlooker the impression that you're larger than you really are - something that most women seek to avoid

  • Faux Fur

The faux fur top - whether it's in animal print or just plain fur, this is a huge upcoming fashion trend this winter. They are wonderfully fashionable and give a contemporary look to any outfit. A vest or a jacket is particularly popular.


Leggings will also stay here for another season, but this year there will be more focus on the perfect fit. When you choose a pair of leggings, always opt for a thick material with a little stretch, thereby making sure that there will be no gathering effect around the ankles or knees. Skinny jeans and coloured trousers are also a good option to wear this winter season.


  • Over the knee boots
Over-the-knee boots are set to be a huge trend this winter in women’s fashion. Many women often fear wearing this type of footwear however, over the knee boots now convey class and a level of sophistication that was never there in the past.

  • Ankle boots
In an almost complete contrast to the over-the-knee-boots, ankle boots are also hot in women's fashion circles this winter. Lace-up boots or embellished styles are firm favourites.


Although always in style, gold and silver jewellery are trending strong this year. Stunning necklaces along with a pair of trendy earrings makes a style statement for any women. Rings and bracelets in a minimal design are also growing increasingly popular.

We do hope this article helps you out during the winter season when it comes to finding the latest fashion trends and at the same time making sure you feel comfortable (as well as standing out in a crowd!)

This article was written by Mary Brown. Mary is a fashion and beauty editor who has worked for many fashion magazines such as 9th&elm. Mary is based in Los Angeles and has a charismatic personality with a sharp and creative eye who can inspire women to feel wonderful and positive from the inside out.


  1. You can never go wrong with some faux fur! Over the knee boots are definitely the must have thing this year, which I am rather happy about because I love them!



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