Fashion Fade's 1st Birthday!

It almost slipped us by - oops! Fashion Fade's 1st birthday was on the 10th of February and wow, what a year it's been for us. Fashion Fade started off as two girls with a dream to combine their blogging experience and love for fashion into a magazine that would appeal to a wide audience and feature style from all around the world. 

Since starting up Fashion Fade, we had beauty writer Sophie join us to make a little team of three, plus we never forget the guest writers we've had along the way that are always welcome to come and write for us again. As Fashion Fade grows we hope that our team will grow with it so we can bring you diverse and refreshing content every week.

We've seen our audience really grow over the past year and we hope that doesn't stop. We've had a lot of people passing through via google or pinterest, but we can always count on the 25% of our audience who comes back time and time again, and for that we are extremely thankful! 

If you would like to write for us, email


  1. Aww Happy Birthday Fashion Fade!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! Wish you a many more to come.

    March and May

  3. So happy to be a part of this little team:) Happy Birthday Fashion Fade!xx

  4. So glad I recently joined as a writer! Such a cool magazine! Happy Birthday!



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