Fashion Blogging Is The New Career

Fashion blogger Zodie dreams of becoming a successful stylist and today she's here to tell us how she uses her blog to show the world what she has to offer, also she shares with us her advice on the things to think about when starting a blog.

" I remember when I had to decide whether I should start a blog or not, there was a lot of things to think about... who are my targeted viewers, what would I blog about, will anyone be interested in what I present on my blog, how will it benefit them and how much money will potential clients spend?

Jacket - Victoria Beckham | Jumper - Jil Sander | Jeans - J Brand | Trainers - Nike
Watch - Michael Kors | Bag - Chloe | Necklace - Melissa Joy Manning

When I started my blog, the name was the most important place to start as it's the first thing your clients see so it has to represent you. I had a few things in mind on what I was definitely going to blog about. These were the latest fashion trends, the must-have items in your wardrobe and styling outfits. 

I created my blog when I passed my Fashion Styling Course at London College of Fashion in March 2012. I was feeling really inspired and wanted to pass my skills onto my friends or family and to show any potential clients what I have to offer.

Starting as a beginner I remember my very first post which was very standard and straight forward compared to my post's now... but in time, you will keep getting better with the more post you do! I learned that way...“Start from the bottom in order to get to the top”.

As a Fashion Styling Blogger I introduce the latest trends to my viewers and give styling advice by creating outfits using the current trends. At the moment I'm seeing from the accessory trends, peep toe flat shoes which are absolutely stunning! They are very chic but still casual and also downsized bags are everywhere at the moment. For garments, the must-haves are floral pieces and the denim dress. "

1. Denim Dress £855 | 2. Floral Playsuit £39 | 3. Box Clutch £25 | 4. Peep Toe Flats £255

What do you think of making a career out of fashion blogging? Do you believe that writing a fashion blog can help you in your career?
This article was written by Zodie Myles from live love inspire fashionFollow Zodie's blog for more current trends, styling advice, outfits and street style inspirations. You can also keep up with her on instagram @fashioniswhatyoumakeit


  1. Interesting to hear from someone who has broke the fashion industry from working their way up from blogging! X

    Black and Navy on the blog-

  2. Rebecca ReedsMarch 12, 2015

    great post! i like that outfit too, the yellow bag and bright blue trainers are really cool

  3. Great post! I have a blog and I started as a way of trying to get into the fashion journalism industry, and contrary to what some may think, I do believe that blogging is a career (if you can make good money from it and create a career out of it.)

  4. It's very inspiring post I am too a fashion stylist who has recently decided to start my own blog.




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