Blogger Spotlight: Gabifresh

Gabifresh is a blog that showcases blogger Gabi's love for writing and fashion. Gabi knew there was a lack of resources for younger women sizes 14 and up that love the latest trends so she decided she wanted to fill that void!

Gabi loves to throw any "fashion rules" out the window and in her blog she shares her own fashion advice in hope that she inspires others to take risks and have fun with fashion (regardless of their size!)

No matter if you're size 14 or up or 12 and below, we can all take a leaf out of Gabi's book! Dressing for your shape can be flattering and make you feel good, but under no way should anyone feel like they have to live by the notion of dressing for your shape. As they say, if you like it, wear it!


  1. Beautiful girl with an amazing style.

    March and May

  2. Wow what a great fashion sense!! :) you go girl!!!

    Xoxo Jessy



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