How To Make Being Stylish Easy

Want to know how to make being stylish easy and not have to spend too much time thinking about what to wear? Well this is where the capsule wardrobe steps in.

A capsule wardrobe is a smaller selection (apparently the magic number here is 37) within your entire collection of clothes and shoes. You can have several capsule wardrobes within your main wardrobe, say one for each season or one for the weekend and one for work.

Capsule wardrobes are extremely versatile and make looking stylish a hell of a lot simpler and can also help you cut down on bad shopping habits!

The minimal way of dressing has really made it big this year and if you spend more time carefully selecting items that you really love and can wear over and over again, then you actually save time and money when it comes to making frivolous shopping choices and putting outfits together in the morning.

If you've spent years with a large and ever-growing wardrobe, then all those clothes are probably weighing you down. If you're bored of all your clothes and want to breathe new life intoyour wardrobe, then minimizing your collection can be very liberating.

You should own your clothes, they shouldn't own you! A smaller wardrobe can also help you pin down your personal style if this is something you struggle with.

The joy of the capsule wardrobe is that, although minimal in size, it doesn't have to be minimal at all. As long as it contains pieces you can style in multiple different ways, it doesn't matter what you choose.

Also one of our favourite parts is that you don't actually have to get rid of any of your clothes straight away! Simply choose your 37 pieces (or maybe 32 pieces so you have the flexibility to add 5 new pieces to your capsule) and put the rest out of sight in storage.

At the end of the season, after about three months, you can remove your clothes from storage and swap around some pieces to refresh your capsule and make it season appropriate.
Remember accessories and jewellery do not count in your capsule wardrobe so they are the perfect way to switch up your looks! 


  1. This would certainly make it easier to decide what to wear in the mornings! I'm not sure I could handle so few options though haha

    xo, Liz



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