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Earlier this year style icon and fashion blogger Olivia Palermo was appointed Creative Guest Director for nail brand Ciaté UK! Since then, the socialite has collaborated with the brand to create her own collection, titled Olivia Palermo x Ciaté which has recently been released and is available for purchase right now!

Olivia states that the aim of the collection was “to create unique nail polishes that not only plumped out and cushioned nails but left them strong and resilient whilst self-levelling for a flawless finish.”

Currently the collection has three nail polishes in three different shades – red, coral and nude – and each one costs £17 - available here

H U T C H    ( R E D )

Olivia Palermo says:
“The one thing that makes me happier than anything is an amazing manicure! I always wear red, it’s my go-to hue as it goes with any outfit in my wardrobe.”

Hutch is a classic red shade and can compliment a stylish and glamorous outfit. Match with a bold red lipstick to complete the look.

N A N T U C K E T   ( C O R A L )

Olivia Palermo says:
“This sizzling coral really pops against tanned skin and is perfect for adding a touch of summer zing to your manicure. I love to wear this during my down-time, it’s an absolute must on the beach!”

Tropical nail colours are trending this season so Nantucket is perfect for summer, whether you are jetting off to a tropical island abroad, going to the beach or out with friends having a picnic in the park. Ideally, coral shades complement beachwear or floral outfits.

S U N D A Y S   ( N U D E )

Olivia Palermo says:
“Sometimes less is more and this soft nude ‘Sundays’ is a great off-duty shade to give a clean classic finish to nails, perfect for any occasion both day and night. I love wearing it any day of the week!”

Nude shades are cool and casual, but perfect for any occasion when you want your nails painted and looking 'all lacquered up', but without a bold and bright look.

The polishes are expensive and high-end but they are formulated with 'Dual Polymer Mesh Lock Technology' for strong, long-lasting, durable and high-shine nails. So these nail polishes are guaranteed to give your nails a glossy finish and a gorgeous look, regardless of the price tag!

What do you think of the collection?
This article was written by Chichi Ogwe. Chichi is from London but studies in Leeds. Keep up with what Chichi is up to on her blog Trends, Style & Features
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Images via www.ciatelondon.com


  1. These are such stunning colours I like the red




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