5 Reasons Why You Don't Like Your Outfit (& How To Avoid Them!)

Surely we've all been there right? We've looked in the mirror and just don't like the outfit we're wearing? Well here are 5 reasons why that could be and 5 ways to avoid these problems!

Keep in mind that we've always believed in the mantra if you like it, wear it - but also by that logic if you don't like it, don't wear it! 

1) It doesn't fit right 

You've done it again, you've gone out in some jeans that you can barely button up or you've opted for that baggy top that tents you and makes you feel huge. Why do we do this to ourselves? We cling on to clothing that doesn't flatter and fit us!

It can be a crying shame when we realise a certain style of clothing doesn't make us feel good about ourselves but looks amazing on someone else. However, what you have to remember is that they are probably things that make you feel amazing that they don't feel comfortable wearing for some reason or another.

Avoid this problem by...
Trying on your wardrobe and getting rid of everything that doesn't make you feel good! No excuses! 
P.s. don't forget that investing in some great shapewear can really change the way an item looks and fits!

2) It doesn't feel like "you"

You look at the outfit in the mirror and you just don't feel like yourself, even though you loved a similar outfit on someone else? It's a funny thing that isn't it? You can't really explain why you just don't feel comfortable in something that you love on someone else, but hey that's just the way personal style works!

Avoid this problem by...
Pinning down your personal style and not buying something just because your favourite blogger has it or it's on trend! Help pin down your personal style by gathering together outfit inspiration and remove any outfits you actually don't see yourself in. It's alright being inspired by a look but this alone doesn't always help you when it comes to getting dressed yourself.

3) It's boring

So your outfits just tend to look a little boring do they? Maybe you need to just experiment a little more with your style! This doesn't have to be anything over-the-top, as sometimes it just takes something small to bring a look together.

Avoid this problem by...
Paying attention to the third piece rule! Read more about that here in our post, 5 Things To Make Sure Your Outfit Always Looks Amazing

4) You've over-done it

You've got everything going on but something doesn't look right? Well, you've probably over-done it in some area. Maybe you've got all sorts of layers happening or lots of different accessories going on.

The thing is you don't really need an outfit to consist of an unnecessary belt, large bag, statement necklace, floppy hat, stack of chunky bracelets and bright bold lipstick to look interesting now do you? No you really only need a few key accessories to make a look great.

Avoid this problem by...
Removing at least one item or accessory before leaving the house!

P.s. you can also over-do your look with colour co-ordination! You don't need to match your shoes and bag to the colours in your outfit - instead use this opportunity for a bit of colour clashing or keep it chic with neutral accessories and shoes.  

5) The quality of the items is cheap 

Your basics should be of good quality so they are long lasting and they are always there for you to fall back on! Your wardrobe staples are always worth investing in because you will revert to them time and time again. If the quality of the items is cheap then it really can ruin your whole look.

Avoid this problem by...
Avoiding clingy materials and dodgy cuts! Good quality basics don't have to break the bank! You can read bout our wardrobe staples in our article, The Ultimate Guide To Creating A Versatile And Wearable Wardrobe

What do you think of the reasons why we often don't feel good in certain outfits and what issues would you add?
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