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So I've kind of missed the yearly half way mark with this one haven't I? I guess I'm gonna say that thing that everyone says all the time... boy, didn't August come around quick?! Last weekend I headed to Dublin for a hendo, and now I'm in my hometown for a week and going to a (different friend's) wedding this weekend! Then it'll be September when I'm back home and summer will kind of be over! However September and October in Mallorca are always really nice, the intense heat starts to cool down and it's that perfect weather where you can actually layer a bit rather than wanting the least amount of clothes on possible heh

Anywho, onto the post, here are my outfits from the first "part" of 2015! So far 2015 has involved moving to our lovely new house, adopting our neighbours cat, three hen-dos, one wedding (with two more soon), lots of friends and family visiting, beginning to overcome my fear of driving, drinking cider and having BBQs on our beautiful balcony on warm evenings, picking up the paintbrush again and getting slightly addicted to Sims 4 - alongside lots of yummy meals out, days at the beach, enjoying the pools that came along with the new house, visiting the beautiful city of Palma, visiting London, the odd paddle boarding session and a few nights out.

Hope you've enjoyed 2015 so far and that the year only gets better - and also, a big thanks for visiting my blog guys, it really means a lot!

Charlotte xx


  1. So loving your style !


  2. nice outfits! you look great!


  3. Yay, glad you've had a fab year so far! You've looked great too! x

    Josie’s Journal

    1. thanks Josie, hope you're well x

  4. Your style is fab xo

    Emily |

  5. I LOVE the colour palette you have going on in your wardrobe! So many gorgeous outfits from basic pieces to downright glam!
    Bee |



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