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    1. Thanks Laura, they are so comfy and feel like PJ's which makes them even better :D

  2. I completely see what you mean and know you will certainly miss Mallorca, but England will always be home. Seriously though, can we swap? ;)

    Paula ♥ | http://www.la-vida-fresa.com xo

    1. haha well our house is up for rent once we leave, it's all yours ;)

  3. The print of those trousers is so gorgeous xo

    Emily | emsalice.com

  4. Well, as you said, in Mallorca there's not much to do in winter and if you don't speak Spanish or Catalan-Mallorquí, i guess it's not easy for you to adapt to the island.
    There's always a time for everything and maybe now it's time for you to leave, although it might be sad and you'll for sure miss it a lot :) but it's fine, you can always come back on vacations and you'll never forget this great experience of living on the beautiful Spain (although Mallorca is pretty different than the peninsula ;) )

    Hope you have a nice sunday!
    Ah, and love your palazzos!




  5. The things I missed about Belgium the most when I lived Italy for 4 years were french fries and how low the studying fees are, as funny as that sounds. Only in the last year or so I realised I was tired of making new friends over and over again, since most moved away after a year or so, being fluent in Italian didn't make a difference. Just like you I was in a tourist destination and that hit me hard when I got back, almost like the life I lived in the south wasn't real :) Life in Belgium is good now, better in some aspects but I didn't think everything would be so different, including people.

    1. Yes it's hard living in a tourist destination, thanks Jolien <3 xx



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