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We're weeks away from getting the keys to our new home and when I do you can bet the mirror will be in a place with a good lighting situation. Priorities! haha, anyway for now my posts might look like something from blogging circa 2012... but life goes on. Our new house is going to be a bit of a project. We're putting in a new kitchen and bathroom and we have to strip all this textured wallpaper off the walls and maybe plaster them. Then of course there is all the painting. However hopefully it will be a good investment and we will see some profit when we sell. And despite all the work, we will also get to make our home exactly how we want it. Although the idea of moving into a new build that was already done up was tempting... I am just looking forward to the part where I get to choose cool pillows and other homeware. Our new house is in the Leeds area, so a brand new city for the both of us. Tom already works there and currently has an 1:30 hour commute either way which will be cut down to 15 minutes when we move. Anyway, exciting times a head, just have to be patient in the mean time.


I turned 26 yesterday 🎈🎈🎈 and I went for my first smear test last Tuesday whilst I still had a few days of being 25 left. Going to the doctors gives me bad anxiety but the relief after I got it done was worth it! It really wasn't as uncomfortable as I thought it would be. I just closed my eyes and it was over so quick. I have now returned to volunteering twice a week. When I first started volunteering, I had a whole load of anxiety about answering phone calls, going in for the informal interview, about meeting new people and worrying if I was going to make mistakes - but now once I'm there it's always fine. I had took some time off to visit my hometown for Christmas but it ended up being a longer break than that because my Granfer passed away on Xmas eve, he was the head of our family and my Nan is a little lost without him. She also caught a nasty flu right before his funeral and she thought she wouldn't be strong enough to attend, however my family were urging her to go and she pulled through like the trooper she is. My Granfer was a stubborn and headstrong man but he loved his family very much and worked hard his whole life. Unfortunately dementia made his last few years on this earth pretty tough for him, but as he counted with awe the amount of people around his hospital bed, we are sure that he knew how loved he was.

Next jumper (old), Primark jeans (new) & Primark shoes (old)

I've spent the last two weekends in Leeds and I'm heading to York this weekend, busy busy, so of course the introvert in me has to take it easy the days after. I'm starting to get around to getting more stuff done again now. I've been trying to write more, well clearly not on this blog - however I was on quite a roll with it all but now it's slowed down again... We're still waiting on paperwork to come through regarding our new house in Leeds, bloody takes ages this buying a house stuff. Feels like I've been patient for months and now my patience is running out. Just ready to move in now and end this in between - limbo stage. I just can't wait to start making a home again, it's been almost 6 months now since we moved back to UK.

I remember a time I would never ever wear jeans, as in my opinion they were so uncreative, so basic. However now jeans are often the first thing I reach for in the morning. Gone are the times where I would drift off to sleep planning outfits sans jeans. Since moving back to the UK, jeans have helped me deal with the UK climate again and you can't not agree that jeans have certainly got a bit more interesting in the past few years. I love the cropped style with the raw cuff, pictured left. In the outfit on the right I have actuality switched out jeans for leggings, but again this was another last minute outfit. I seem to have lost this ability to actually plan an outfit, probably the reason I'm not blogging as regularly anymore. But we'll see...

Charlotte xx


  1. Shawner115:27 pm

    Very nice outfits. You look fabulous in any light babe! :)

  2. Love these looks! I totally get what you mean about wanting to dec out your home - you'll have to share some homeware posts with us when it's all done!xx

    Lucy x |

    1. thank you, definitely will it's just such a long process at the moment! Also, thank you for the birthday regards and sympathies in regards to my granfer (I've merged the posts together now so that comment was lost) xx

  3. Love those pants!


  4. Love the looks babe !


  5. Congratulations and good luck with the move! I lived in Leeds for over 4 years as I moved there to study at university, and I officially moved out of Leeds in February of this year. I really enjoyed living in Leeds and I think you will enjoy it too.



    1. thank you, definitely loving it so far!



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