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Next jumper (old), Primark jeans (new) & Primark shoes (old)

I've spent the last two weekends in Leeds and I'm heading to York this weekend, busy busy, so of course the introvert in me has to take it easy the days after. I'm starting to get around to getting more stuff done again now. I've been trying to write more, well clearly not on this blog - however I was on quite a roll with it all but now it's slowed down again... We're still waiting on paperwork to come through regarding our new house in Leeds, bloody takes ages this buying a house stuff. Feels like I've been patient for months and now my patience is running out. Just ready to move in now and end this in between - limbo stage. I just can't wait to start making a home again, it's been almost 6 months now since we moved back to UK. 

Charlotte xx


  1. very cute!




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